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HK Christian Council Sec. Gen. Rev. Lo Lung-kwong: The more u fight; the more u lose.By Chapman Chen

Secretary General of Hong Kong Christian Council, Former Chung Chi College Divinity School Director, former Hong Kong Methodist Church President, Rev. Lo Lung-kwong (2018-2-21): "The more you fight; the more you lose. Hongkongers, in adopting an antagonistic approach, will only make China's governing of HK more and more stringent. E.g., as a result of Hongkongers vigorously supporting the Tiananamen Square students in 1989, China set the Basic Law harsher than ever. And after the Umbrella Movement, China has also imposed stricter control on HK. Had HK lawmakers not played games in oath-taking, they would not have been disqualified and led to Beijing reinterpreting the Basic Law."

Rev. Prof. Lo Lung-kwong was appointed Secretary General of Hong Kong Christian Council beginning on July 1, 2018. Rev. Lo is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church, Hong Kong, serving as the denomination’s President from 2006-2012. He received his PhD from Durham University, UK and was the Director of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 1995-2014. In February 2019, Reverend Lo Lung-kwong, supervisor of secondary and primary schools run by the Hong Kong Methodist Church, was accused of making improper sexual advances towards a member of the teaching staff during a December 2018 meeting at the church’s Wan Chai building.

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