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Pro-CCP Hong Kong Lawmaker Ann, CHIANG Lai-wan: China JL-3 Missile can Reach USA! By Chapman Chen

Pro-CCP Hong Kong lawmakers Dr. Ann, Chiang Lai-wan wrote on her facebook wall on June 4 at 6 pm: "It is known that the JL-3 ballistic missile of our country China is so powerful that its range can reach 14000 kilometers. Launched from China offshore, it can cover contiguous United States. Web link: Chiang's fb link:

HK Anglican Church Sec. Gen.+ CPPCC Member Canon P. D. Koon Supports Extradition Law.By Chapman Chen

Provincial Secretary General of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (HK Anglican Church) cum Member of Beijing Municipal Committee of The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Rev. Canon Peter Douglas Koon, supports the controversial Extradition Law (Sing Tao Daily 2019-5-20). "The Church's stance is that culprits have to be brought to justice," Koon asserts, "If the Extradition Law is not amended, the suspect of the Taiwan murder case will get away with it, and this goes

Pro-CCP Hong Kong EFCC Taikoo Shing Church Supports Extradition Law! By Chapman Chen,HK BilinguaNews

Pro-CCP Evangelical Free Church of China Taikoo Shing Church (HK) (中國基督教播道會總會)'s 2019-5-11 prayer request reads, "Despite Hong Kong Government officials' explanations, public concerns for The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Amendment) still cannot be dispelled. And it has even given rise to the double Bill Committee chairmen storm in the Legislative Council. We pray that God guide the various parties to reach a consensus so that justice can be achieved." Website LINK: https://

Is Pres Trump, like F. Roosevelt, Provoking China to Fire the 1st Shot? By Chapman Chen

President Donald Trump is arguably provoking China to fire the first shot so that America will have good reason to declare war on China and put an end to this number one enemy of America once and for all, just like Franklin Roosevelt and his administration, who, according to Stinnett (2010), deliberately provoked and allowed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to bring USA into World War II, as anti-war voices were strong domestically. History repeats itself. Dictators, out o

Archbishop of HK Anglican Church Praises Red China Churches' Freedom! By Chapman Chen

Paul Kwong, Archbishop of Hong Kong Anglican Church: "Churches in Mainland China are well-developed and very free; as a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee, I desire to know the State of China more" (Wenweipo 2013/3/11). Rev. Paul Kwong also questions why Hongkongers should always be speaking out and struggling for universal suffrage: "In the face of those who sentenced him to death, #Jesus simply remained silent like a sheep waiting to be slaught

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