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Xi Jinping Preparing for War in Chaozhou 習近平潮州備戰!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On October 13, Chairman Xi Jinping of China inspected the marine corps in Chaozhou and delivered a Nazi-sounding speech, which suggests that war is imminent. In fact, it implies that China is going to invade Taiwan, forcibly occupy the South China Sea, and send troops to regions of the One Belt One Road. It also reveals Xi's concern about the PLA's loyalty. (1)

Firstly, Xi Jinping points out the necessity to ”devote all thoughts and energies to preparation for war”, which means that war may take place any minute.

Secondly, "The Marine Corps has the important duties of safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State, safeguarding the marine interests and rights of the State, and safeguarding the overseas interests of the State", asserts Xi. The first duty implies that China is going to "unify" Taiwan by force; the second implies that China is going to forcibly occupy the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait; the third implies that China may sent military troops overseas, including the One Belt One Road routes.

Thirdly, Xi Jinping insists on the Party's absolute leadership in relation to the military and stresses the necessity to ”make sure that the troops are absolutely loyal, absolute pure and absolutely reliable”. This reveals Xi's worry about the PLA's loyalty to him in case of a war. Xi also says it is a must to ”inherit and pass down the red DNA”. This sounds Nazi and justifies the use of the term, "Chinazi".

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Martin Oei (13 Oct. 2020)

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