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With no proof,RSF Dir. Alviani accuses Trump of inciting violence against journalists.By ChapmanChen

On Apr 18, Reporters without Borders (RSF) held a press conference at the Hong Kong Legislative Council to announce the 2019 World Press Freedom Index. Cédric Alviani, director of East-Asia Bureau of RSF, seized the opportunity to blame President Donald Trump, without giving any evidence, for inciting violence against journalists, including the murder of Khashoggi. "Democracy is giving up itself," asserted Alviani, " Like the Philippine President, US President Trump insults and denigrates journalists on a daily basis, arousing hatred towards them." When asked by Chapman Chen whether there're really fake news in USA and whether it was appropriate for CNN reporter Jim Ascosta to rudely accuse Trump of demonising illegal immigrants, and to struggle with a White House female aide for the mic during a 2018 press conference, for which Trump called Ascota fake news, Alviani admitted that there are fake news media in USA like anywhere else, but he has not paid attention to that particular incident.

Fake news does exist, e.g. in January this year, when black actor Jussie Smollett claimed to be the victim of a racist, homophobic assault, all the libtard media immediately jumped in to condemn Trump for inciting hate crimes. Yet, when the police later found out that Smollett had orchestrated the whole thing to gain publicity, none of those libtard media apologized to Potus Trump. Also, when American Australian scholar Kevin Carrico visited Hong Kong last year and chatted with local scholar, Dr. Chapman Chen, in a restaurant about HK culture, their conversation was eavesdropped by staff of a State-controlled media, which then accused Carrico of spreading separatism in HK."

Reporter: Chapman Chen

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