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Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church, HK: God Help to Dispel Public Concerns for Extradition Law

Hong Kong Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church's 2019-5-3 prayer request: "Disputes about the amendment to the Extradition Law are still going on within and without the Legislative Council. And the public, including the business sector, the law sector, etc. still have a lot of concerns about the Bill. We pray for God's guidance and deliverance so that the amendment will be able to take into account the voice of different sectors to a larger extent, so that the public's main concerns will be dispelled, and Hong Kong can continue to play the unique role of an international city in the development of China."

Massive Protests against Extradition Law

On April 28, 130 thousand Hongkongers took to the street and protested against the extradition law. On May 11, pan-democracy lawmakers clashed with pro-establishment lawmakers in the Legco when the latter tried to illegitimately replace the pan-democracy chairman of the Bill Committee.

Loophole or Pretext?

The Hong Kong Government claims that the aim of the proposed amendment to the extradition law is to fill up a loophole in the HK legal system, ostensibly highlighted by a case of murder, in which a HK man, after allegedly killing his HK girlfriend while traveling in Taiwan, returned to HK. The Taiwanese authorities, however, have disapproved of the amendment. Many Hongkongers are worried that the real purpose of the amendment is to make it possible to transfer anybody in HK, including Hongkongers and Westerners, whom the CCP dislikes, to China, whose record of rule of law is abhorrent, to say the least. A recent USCC report has warned that should the extradition law be passed, America may cancel the Hong Kong Policy Act.

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Text: Chapman Chen,HKBNews

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