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What Hong Kong Lawmaker Fernando Cheung has Done to HK Resistance 張超雄如何反抗爭. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On 2019-7-17, Hong Kong lawmaker Fernando Cheung 張超雄 (Labour Party) proposed a private draft of amendment to Fugitive Offenders Bill (Extradition Law) when the Chief Executive Carrie Lam had already declared the Bill dead. Cheung claimed that this draft will enable HK to exchange fugitives with regions outside of Mainland China or Macau, that it is already certified by the Department of Justice and will be submitted to the Legco Chair. Many Hongkongers are concerned that this draft, if enacted, may make it possible for the Communist HK Govt to transfer HK political prisoners from Taiwan back to HK, although Cheung today (July 18) asserted that the extradition will be an one-off thing and one-way ticket from HK to Taiwan. This is because Hong Kong legal system practices Common Law, which recognizes precedents as authorities for the disposition of future cases (cf. Hip-ban-gei-fong/Midnight Express, 2019). If the precedent of extradition regarding Taiwan is set, the Communist Hong Kong Government will argue that, based on the principle of one China, since the extradition law is applicable to Taiwan, it should also be applicable to Communist China. Furthermore, both Taiwan and China practice some sort of continental law; if Taiwan is accepted in terms of extradition, why not China?

On July 17, Cheung also uploaded a post (later deleted) to his facebook, which suggested that old civilians be organized in future protests to form a human-flesh chain between the police and the young activists, allegedly in order to protect both and prevent violence, despite the fact that in recent protests like the June 12 protest in Admiralty, the July 13 rally in Sheung Shui, the July 14 rally in Shatin, the police indiscriminately hit unarmed people of all ages with baton, pepper spray, rubber bullet, and tear gas.

Besides the above, Fernando Cheung has done many other things that are arguably against Hong Kong resistance against Communist China.

In May 2015, the Department of Justice confirmed that Fernando Cheung was on the prosecution witnesses' list against defendants related to the 2014-11-19 storming of the Legco. On that day, he covered the main entrance to the Legco with his own body and successfully prevented activists from breaking it. On 2019-7-1, Cheung again tried to cover the main entrance to the Legco with his body in order to prevent activists from storming it. But this time, the activists simply pushed him aside and managed to break in. Many Hong Kong netizens wonder what would happen to someone who tried to defend the main gate of the Bastille Prison when the angry revolutionaries were storming it in the 1789 French Revolution.

In early 2019, when most Hongkoners, especially public hospital staff, werre complaining about the pressure exerted on local public hospitals by new immigrants sent from China without Hongkongers' screening (at the rate of 150 per day), Cheung retorted that new immigrants were in general more hard-working more Hongkongers.

On 2015-10-1, during the National Flag Raising ceremony in Wan Chai, members of Fernando Cheung's Labour Party, and other pseudo-leftists formed a human-flesh-chain in front of the police, and loudly shouted" Protect the police!" who were in fact heavily armed in contrast with the young unarmed protesters. (This was eye-witnessed by Chapman Chen from HKBNews.)

First Pic credit: Appledaily

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