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US Pastor Bob Kraft Offers Help to Hong Kong Protesters Seized with PTSD. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Do you suffer from: nightmares, stress, anxiety, anger, mental unbalance and thoughts of self-harm after joining protests in Hong Kong? Hong Kong American Pastor Bob Kraft, an US Army veteran, is trying to help Hong Kong activists and even police officers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Pastor is sure that "Thousands of victims who have attended protests since 2014 are out there." He regrets that while it is necessary to speak to true Hongkongers, who have gone through the protests, "in their own language from an expert in PTSD and to have written materials to give to them, that is not being done." The Pastor is "concerned about the suicides and expect that to increase. Several of the protesters tell me that they have nightmares of the events."

Social, Medical, Church, Media workers Welcomed

He welcomes social workers, medical practitioners, Pastors, church workers, media working with those protesters to send him a message and meet up with him as a group to discuss and educate themselves.

Having Met at Least 5000 True HK Protesters

"I have met at least 5,000 true Hong Konger's who have gone through circumstances that would bring on a mental condition known as PTSD," Pastor Kraft asserts. "PTSD is a common war or a traumatic event [well known to the public in the USA]. Unfortunately, I do not know of any person or organization in Communist Hong Kong who specializes or even knows of PTSD and can treat the victims."

The Pastor's empathy extends to police officers, too.

"They have spoken to me about it. So it is not just for one side only but for ALL who suffer from PTSD. I met one policeman in 2014 who committed suicide in the North Point station and a direct result of the protests. Another one in New Territories same."

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