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Under Amended Immigration Law Hongkongers may Become Jews in Nazi Germany香港修訂入境條例變納粹?By Chapman Chen

The final meeting of the Hong Kong Legislature's Bills Committee on Immigration (Amendment) Bill is scheduled for 3 March. If this amendment is passed, the HK authorities may ban Hongkongers with Chinese nationality, or BNO passport holders, or British citizens under the British Nationality Selection Scheme, from leaving Hong Kong. This bill will most probably be passed as there are no longer any opposition lawmakers in the HK legislature. Eventually, Hongkongers may have to successfully apply for an exit visa before they can depart from Hongkongers just like the Jews in Nazi Germany. So it is high time Hongkongers run.

This bill is ostensibly for dealing with asylum seekers, but actually it does not only deal with people entering Hong Kong. It can require any carrier to provide the Director of Immigration with data of its passengers and it empowers the Director to prevent a passenger from boarding a carrier.

That may be why recently Western countries, like the U.K. and Australia, have either explicitly or implicitly advised Hongkongers with foreign passports to renounce their Chinese nationality.

Section 6A of Immigration (Amendment) Bill 2020 stipulates that "(1) The Secretary for Security may make regulations— (a) to provide for the supply to the Director of information or data relating to a carrier, its passengers or members of its crew, as may be specified in the regulations; and (b) to empower the Director to direct that a passenger or a member of the crew of a carrier may or may not be carried on board the carrier."

P.S. This article has been inspired by Martin Oei's youtube video dated 11 Feb 2021.

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