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UK Consulate Warns Beijing & Hongkongers after 47 Activists Charged w/ Subversion 英領警告中共勿將四十七民主派送中!

The Hong Kong government charged 47 democracy advocates Sunday with violating a national security law that prohibits "conspiracy to commit subversion." In response, Jonathan Williams from the British Consulate General Hong Kong told Bloomberg on 1 March that "the UK has full faith in the independence of the judiciary in Hong Kong", which could be a warning to the CCP against transferring the accused to Beijing for trial, including Jimmy Lai, a British citizen cum media tycoon, Joshua Wong a world-renowned young Hong Kong activist, and Benny Tai, a Hong Kong legal scholar. China’s top official on Hong Kong affairs has named the three as “extremely vile anti-China elements” who must be severely punished, state media says. (By Chapman Chen, HKBNews)

"The Chinese and Hong Kong authorities promised that the national security law will be used in a very narrow sense, it’s clear that that is no longer being the case, and that’s deeply concerning to us,” Jonathan Williams went on. This may be an implicit warning to Hongkongers that every single one of them is in danger under this national security law, that they had better flee as soon as possible.

Reference: Martin Oei's youtube video dated 1 March 2021.

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