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Those Charging the Legco are Kamikaze, NOT Moles! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

As forwarded by Lester Shum on his facebook, according to social workers and Christians at the scene, those young people who are charging the Legislative Council now (July 1) are kamikaze (suicide heroes) instead of undercover agents. There are more than ten of them, who are prepared to sacrifice their lives. Another friend also claims that last night young activists held a meeting in the demonstration zone outside the Legco, in which nine people raised their hands and volunteered to be kamikaze. So they want to commit suicide [like those 3 young martyrs who jumped to death in the recent 2 weeks in protest of the HK Extradition Law], but in a different way.

In fact, lawmaker Claudia Mo reportedly said to the valiant activists, "If you break in the Legco, you will be charged with rioting and sent to jail for 10 years! And there are guns waiting for you inside, too!"

"We are expecting it! 3 people are already dead! We are expecting it!"

"Dear fellows, it is meaningless to accuse those who, greatly indignant and distressed, want to do something. This indifferent, blood-thirsty regime has already taken at least three lives. Seized with such anger and indignity, they [activists] are close to seeking out death."

"If you think you are a sensible person, please use all available methods to tell, to persuade, to force those blood-thirsty ruling devils to stop.

Many many lives are already in danger, please, stop judging them [the brave activists]."

Pic credit: RTHK

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