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The Vegan Christ's Compassion. Ed. Dr. Chapman Chen


Beneath the wide, embracing sky,

Where rivers run and eagles fly,

There walks a figure, pure and bright,

The Vegan Christ, a beacon of light.


In gardens lush where apples fall,

He treads softly, amidst it all,

His heart as open as the sea,

A champion of compassion, wild and free.


He speaks to animals, gentle and kind,

A language of love for all to find.

No chains or cages on His watch,

Only freedom’s door, unlocked, unlatched.


With every step upon the earth,

He brings to life a kinder mirth,

Teaching us to live and let live,

To take no more than we can give.


His table is a bounty spread,

With fruits and grains, our daily bread.

In his eyes, no judgement cast,

Just love for all, vast and vast.


A prayer for peace, his daily creed,

For all beings, regardless of their breed.

The Vegan Christ, in fields of green,

A vision of a world serene.


In his world, compassion reigns,

No suffering, no needless pains.

A hymn of hope, of love unfurled,

A vegan dream for all the world.


May we follow in his gentle wake,

For kindness’ and for mercy’s sake,

To live as stewards of the earth,

And honor every creature’s worth.

Note: This is a poem composed by ChatGPT for Chapman Chen

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