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Suicides or Homicides due to Hong Kong Police Violence?市民自殺定警察謀殺?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

From a statistical point of view, the sharp rise of suicide rate from around 10 cases/10 days in June and July to 18 btw Aug 21 & Aug 31, and to 28 btw Sept 1 & Sept 10, the concurrent increase in young people's suicide rate (cf. Vinton's Art of Lang., 2019), and the suspicious circumstances, incl. discovery time etc., of those deaths, make many Hongkongers suspect that many of the "suicides" are indeed masquerades orchestrated by the police to cover up their murders of protesters in the San Uk Ling concentration camp and Prince Edward train station (and their family to prevent divulgence of the murders).

Sharp Rise in Suicide Rate after Aug 11 and Aug 31

From June 12 through the end of July, the suicide rate per 10 days was just around 10. But from Aug 21 through Aug 31, after the sending of protesters arrested on Aug 11 to the notorious San Uk Ling Detention Centre, to which 6 Justices of Peace and 200 lawyers were denied access, it suddenly jumped to 18; and from Sept 1 thru Sept 10, right after the Police's indiscriminate, violent assault on passengers inside Prince Edward MTR Station on Aug 31, the figure suddenly bounced to 28!

Body Discovery Time between 5 & 7 am

Usually, very few young people commit suicide in Hong Kong. Throughout June and July this year, there were none. But in August, there were four under the age of 20, and 9 aged between 20 and 30. The times of body discovery were mostly between 5 and 7 in the morning when there were very pedestrians on the streets.

Student Killed himself Long after Exam Result Came out

Many of the cases are highly mysterious. For instance, on Aug 15, a 19-year-old young man allegedly jumped to his death in Yuen Long. The Police claimed that it was due to his worry about his studies. But by then all public exam and school exam results have long come out.

Naked Halved Female Body

Another e.g. On Sept 14, the stark naked body of a "foreign" woman fell to the ground from high up a mansion in Wan Chai and allegedly broke in two, with very little blood around. And the police claimed that there was nothing suspicious!


Vinton's Art of Language 2019-9-17 Fb post.

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