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Spread this for HK Student Keith Fong -- Arrested for Possession of Laser Pointers. By Chapman Chen

The mother of the young man, Keith Fong Chung Yin, who was arrested last evening in Sham Shui Po for possession of 10 laser pointers "as offensive weapons", has recorded an audio in which she calls upon everybody to exert a public opinion pressure on the Hong Kong authorities within the 48 hours after the arrest, so that Fong will not be charged and thrown into the "stinking" cell of the police station.

Fong is now in the custody ward of Caritas Hospital for treatment of asthma, probably triggered by being grabbed by a policeman in his neck during his arrest. His doctor has confirmed that he is now unsuitable for giving any statement to the police. His mother hopes the hospital will keep him for at least 48 hours -- the maximum time of police detention.

Fong, President of HK Baptist University Students' Union, insisted at the scene of arrest that the laser pointers he had just bought were for observing stars. Tens of thousands of outraged activists and Sham Shui Po neighbors surrounded the police station last night. The police dispelled them with tear gas and arrested 7 to 8 persons.

Pic credit: Print screen from internet.

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