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Significance of HK Flag between 2 UK Flags at Nathan Law-Patel Meeting. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

A Hong Kong SAR flag sans a Communist China flag stood between two Union Jack flags when unjustly disqualified Hong Kong MP Nathan Law Kwun-chung, now in exile in the UK, met British Home Secretary Priti Patel, Conservative Candidate for London Mayor Shaun Bailey, Hong Kong Watch Chair Benedict Rogers, etc. on Dec 10. This implies that the UK Government will only recognize Hong Kong lawmakers disqualified since 2016 and may even recognize a potential Hong Kong parliament in exile in London. Moreover, the presence of Shaun Bailey suggests that the Conservative Party may actively help HK British National (Overseas) passport to become genuine British Citizen passport, for humanitarian reasons as well as for winning HK BNO holders' votes in the coming London Mayor election.


Martin Oei 10 Dec 2020 youtube video.

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