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Pro-CCP Likely Taiwan President Candidate Chao Shao-kang趙少康:10% Military;Rely on China for Economy!

In an interview (1) with Taiwan Appledaily, dated 8 Feb 2021, pro-Beijing, potential Taiwan president candidate, CHAO, Shao-kang (趙少康), said, "10% military, 90% politics; Rely on China for economy, on America for national security." Chao, moreover, asserted that in order to maintain peaceful relations with China, Taiwan should not spent so much on arms; that Taiwan may purchase defensive arms only, and not only from America but also from Turkey.

While Chao's campaign slogan is "Make Taiwan Great Again!" (2), Chair of pro-independence Taiwan Statebuilding Party Y.C. Chen(陳奕齊)interprets it as "Make Taiwan Kneel Again (3)" to China ("kneel" in Mandarin sounds like "great"). Meanwhile, many Hong Kong netizens regard Chao as the Taiwan version of Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of HK. (Reported by Chapman Chen, HKBNews)

According to Taiwannews. com, Broadcasting Corporation of China Chairman Chao Shao-kang announced on Feb 8 that he will run for president in 2024. He said he''ll campaign on a platform of achieving cross-strait peace, resolving the partisan gridlock, and making Taiwan Great Again. Chao restored his membership in the KMT earlier this month and intends to first run for party chairman. He also plans to secure the KMT''s nomination as presidential candidate by winning the party primary. Chao said he''s already begun recruiting his campaign team, and that the first plank of his platform will be his cross-strait policy.

Pic credit: Taiwan Appledaily



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