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Prayer of a Laboratory Animal. By Ann Sims. Ed. Dr. Chapman Chen  

Creator of the sky and sea;

Of tiger, monkey, fish and bee.

Lord God of all that lives I dare;

To offer up my humble prayer. I’ve woken from my fitful sleep,

With heavy heart and sorrow deep.

I dreamed of days when I was free,

And played and gambolled in the trees.


Alone imprisoned in this cage, I try to calm my fear and rage.

How can I face another day 

Of being tortured in this way?

Soon they’ll come for me again, 

And take me to their place of pain.

Please tell me Lord for I don’t know,

Why do these people hate me so?


They’ve cut my vocal cords and tied

A heavy bandage round my eyes

I cannot see, I cannot scream,

This all seems like a fearful dream.

Twas yesterday that day of dread,

They took my friend, and now he’s dead.

I tremble Lord, it’s plain to see,

Today the victim will be me.


I hear their footsteps coming near,

O Lord my heart is full of fear.

I need you more than I can tell,

To free me from this earthy hell.

Great God who brought the world to birth,

And all the creatures of the earth.

Who made the stars, the moon, the sun,

Please let me die before they come.


Sims, Ann (2002). “Prayer of a Laboratory Animal.” In Phillip Jones, The Animals' Padre: The Life and Works of James Thompson. London: Paragon Publishing. vi.

Pic credit: PETA

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