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Poland TV Interviews US-HK Pastor Bob Kraft & Supports HK against Communist China.By Chapman Chen

Pic credit: Polish Idź Pod Prad

On 24 April evening, when 4 Umbrella Movement leaders were sent to jail, Polish Idź Pod Prad TV live interviewed American Hong Kong Pastor Bob Kraft , who was then outside the Lai Chi Kok Detention Centre (where the activists were provisionally held in custody). The 2 TV hosts supported free Hongkongers to "say no to Communist China". Signs of "Free Hong Kong", "Say Yes to Taiwan" and "Free Tibet" were actually shown during the program, which is known as "Go Against the Tide". The hosts revealed that when Poland was under the Soviet Union, two or three people meeting in public could also be charged with illegal gathering, similar to the offence of unlawful assembly in Hong Kong. Pastor Kraft replied that this kind of crazy law, for which the Occupy Central Movement activists were arrested and put into prison, actually came from old England before the American Revolution, that it was a colonial law in HK, subsequently reinforced by the Communist HK authorities after 1997.

Pic credit: Polish Idź Pod Prad

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