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Nazi Hong Kong Lawmaker Regina Ip Denies Uyghur Genocide! 納粹葉劉粉飾新疆集中營! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Nazi, Goebbels-like, pro-CCP Hong Kong Lawmaker Regina Ip said on Jan 28 that there is no genocide of Muslims in China, citing a successful Uyghur actress as evidence that reports about the persecution are fake. However, Hitler actually kept a handful of persons with Jewish blood as high-ranking officers in the military, e.g., Werner Goldberg (1919 –2004), Bernhard Rogge (1899-1982), and Erhard Milch (1892 –1972). And in Nazi Germnay the great German conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler (1886-1954) insisted on employing a few Jewish musicians in order to save their lives. These do not alter the fact that the German Nazis had committed genocide.

Libtards compare President Donald Trump to Hitler but most of them never condemn Xi Jinping for putting millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps. (As a matter of fact, Trump never censored speeches while he was President. On the contrary, his own free speech has been deprived by social media.)

Indeed, January 27 is the anniversary of the liberation of The Auschwitz concentration camp.

“One of the hottest stars in China is Dilraba Dilmurat, and she is not the only Xinjiang success story,” Regina Ip wrote. “What genocide?”

In 2002, while promoting the enacting of Article 23 (National Security Laws) of the Basic Law, Regina Ip, then head of the HK Security Bureau, told a group of Hong Kong University students that "Even Hitler got into power by way of democratic election... One person one vote is not a panacea." However, every student of Western History must know that Hitler seized power by an arson attack on the Reichstag building.

Pic credit: AFP

Note: This article has been inspired by Martin Oei's 2021-1-28 youtube video.

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