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Naked Young Polish Man's Body & White Protester's Dubious Selfies蘭桂坊波蘭裸屍與抗爭白男自拍. By Chapman Chen

On Oct 23 some netizens began to circulate 2 "selfies" (Pic D & E) of a young white man called James checking in with the public, whom they claim is the young white man who, according to STP Media, was assaulted and arrested by the Hong Kong Police at 5:30 pm on Oct 20 at the junction between Lai Chi Kok Road and Poplar Street (Pic A & B). Many netizens suspect that he is the 25-year-old Polish man whose stark naked body was found lying in Lan Kwai Fong in Central at 2:58 am on Oct 21 (Pic C). It is not certain whether the selfie-man is the white young protester arrested on Oct 20 and whether either of the two is the young Pole whose body was found in Lan Kwai Fong on Oct 21. But the selfies are certainly dubious and the death of the young Polish man remains a mystery.

Naked Pole Plunged to his death in Lan Kwai Fong?

In relation to the Pole found dead in Lan Kwai Fong, after investigation, the police did not find any suicide note but they announced that there was nothing suspicious. However, the body, based on a video posted by Oriental Daily, was covered with bruises and no blood (Pic C), and there was only a thin strain of blood on the ground next to the body, based on a photo by Singtao Daily. Since the anti-extradition law movement started in June, there have been dozens of such mysterious suicides in HK. Many Hongkongers believe they are homicides by the police. The Polish ministry of foreign affairs confirmed in an Oct-23 reply email to Idź Pod Prąd TV that the deceased was Polish but declined to give any details "for the sake of the family of the victim", and Polish media repeat the version of HK police:- "Lan Kwai Fong is an entertainment district in Hong Kong. The victim might have had fun, got drunk and fell from the balcony of a hotel room there."

3 Hands in a Selfie!

Meanwhile, some other netizens are circulating two selfies of a young man, whom they claim is the same person arrested in Lai Chi Kok on Oct 20. But the photos are very suspicious. Pic D is supposed to have been taken by the man himself by photographing himself in a mirror. There are at least 4 problems with it (cf. Hak-gei Water: Net Weight 4 g 9 oz). First, there are three arms shown in Pic D, including the two conspicuous hands and a third one behind the memo paper on the lower left corner. Second, the man in Pic D are holding up two cell phones with both hands. Then who's holding up the memo paper in front of his fingers? It is simply impossible to stick a memo onto a mirror and then show oneself together with the memo in a selfie. Third, the conspicuous hands in Pic D are unusually large and unnaturally positioned. Fourth, the man in the photo, being expressionless, does not look voluntary in taking the photo.

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