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Male Hong Kong Dissident Allegedly Sodomized by Police 男義士被克警輪流雞姦?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

In the Sept 27 Edinburgh Place gathering against police brutality, the M.C. read aloud a statement by a male survivor of the San Uk Ling Detention Centre. The man was arrested for rioting around the end of August. When he refused to unlock his cell phone, the police sprayed pepper into this eyes. Subsequently, he was taken to the detention center where, eyes blurred by pepper, he could still hear men screaming in agony. The police then took off his clothes, tied his limbs to the legs of a table, and pulled a bag over his head. They demanded him to disclose the password to his mobile and, again, in order to protect his comrades, he declined. Consequently, at least two cops subjected him to "unimaginable abuses". Still, he wouldn't talk. After more than 30 hours, he was taken to court, before which the police had washed his body with disinfectant. During the entire period, he was denied access to a lawyer.

In the statement, the man apologized to the public for not having the courage to come out in person. "I am not the only one tortured and sexually assaulted. Please continue with the Time Revolution and free Hong Kong."

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