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Male Hong Kong Cop Watches Gynecological Exam of a Pregnant Woman Suspect!克警𥄫實大肚婆陰道檢查!

As testified by a registered nurse of Tuen Mun Hospital, a male Hong Kong police officer entered the delivery room and watched the gynecological examination of a pregnant woman arrested for unlawful assembly on Oct 7 night. (Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports)

Unarmed Heavily Pregnant Woman Arrested for Unlawful Assembly

A 19-year-old 9-month pregnant unarmed woman was arrested by a team of Hong Kong police officers for unlawful assembly and criminal damage around 10 pm on Oct 7 when she was walking through Siu Hong Plaza, Tuen Mun. She was not even wearing a mask. She was just clad in black. She was then sent to Tuen Mun Hospital. On the early morning of Oct 10, a midwife cum registered nurse of the hospital posted her nurse ID card on LIHKG and revealed as follows what she eye-witnessed about the pregnant woman on Oct 7.

Male Cop Watching the Vagina of the Suspect!

When the woman was suspected of leaking amniotic fluid, she was carried into the delivery room for gynecological examination. As part of the normal procedures, she had to take off her underwear and put on a patient's operation gown beforehand. In the delivery room, she spread her legs wide apart for the doctor to extract secretion from her genitals. At that time, a policeman, on the ground of taking a statement from her, entered the delivery room and watched her examination, while a police woman was on guard outside. Meanwhile there were other pregnant female patients in the room. So the HK Police Force lied when they claimed that no male cop ever entered the room and that there were other male family members present. Except for the visiting time (noon thru 1 pm; 5:30 pm thru 8:30 pm), no family members are allowed to enter the ward. And on the night of Oct 7, no male family member was present.

Alumni's Support

The arrested pregnant woman is surnamed Lam and she is a former student of Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran College. On the morning of Oct 8, a number of students and alumni of the secondary school gathered outside the school to support Madame Lam and other arrested schoolmates.

Pic credit: Photo from the net

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