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Likely Taiwan President-Candidate (KMT): NO Suffrage for Young People! 台灣版林鄭唔俾後生仔投票!By Chapman Chen

Pro-Beijing, potential Taiwan president-candidate [Nationalist Party (KMT)], Chao Shao-kang, has said that in order to prevent young people from voting for the Democratic Progressive Party, they should be disallowed to vote.

In September 2020, when the Legislature of Taiwan was forming a constitution-amendment committee, The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) proposed the amendment that the voting be lowered from 20 to 18. On 14 September 2020, on the TV program, War of Netizen, Chao Shao-kang tried to dissuade the Nationalist Party from joining the constitution amendment exercise. "Young people are disallowed to vote, so what?!," Chao reprimanded The Nationalist Party, "You fool! All those from 18 through 20 years old would vote for The Democratic Progressive Party."

According to Taiwannews. com, Broadcasting Corporation of China Chairman Chao Shao-kang announced on Feb 8 that he will run for president in 2024. He said he''ll campaign on a platform of achieving cross-strait peace, resolving the partisan gridlock, and making Taiwan Great Again. Chao restored his membership in the KMT earlier this month and intends to first run for party chairman. He also plans to secure the KMT''s nomination as presidential candidate by winning the party primary. Chao said he''s already begun recruiting his campaign team, and that the first plank of his platform will be his cross-strait policy.

Pic credit: Shao-kang Strategy Room youtube video

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