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Last chance of China Becoming a Civilized Country Gone w/ Tiananmen Square Massacre! By Chapman Chen

June 4, 1989 witnessed the very last chance of China becoming a civilized country. On that night, the CCP massacred the last cohort of China people with a conscience, with a heart for freedom, truth, beauty, and democracy. (The Cultural Revolution and the various political movements before had already purged most Chinese with a conscience.) The Central Kingdom has since then become a nation of zombies, vampires, things, dunces, yahoos, hypocrites, misers, creatures which consume not only materials but also people. And now, with the Extradition Law, they want to turn Hong Kong into China!

(Of course, there are still good people in China like Liu Xiaobo, Chen Guangcheng, but they are rare. The fact remains that there are 90 million Party members in China, each of whom has at least 5 dependents. So around 0.5 billion people form a symbiotic system with the CCP. [cf. Paladin Cheng 2018])

Pic credit: Ronald E. Yates

Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports

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