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Jimmy Lai Accuses Hong Kong Separatists as CCP Spies w/ no Solid Evidence. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On 27 April 2020, Jimmy Lai, founder of Appledaily, Hong Kong, in an interview with the net media Singjai, alleged that Hong Kong Independence is "a conspiracy of the Chinese Communist Party", a trap set by the CCP, so that it "can have the pretext to suppress Hong Kong."

Jimmy Lai went on to accuse a few HK politicians of being spies sent by the CCP: "Hong Kong Independence was first put forth by Raymond Wong Yuk-man, Wan Chin and Wong Yeung-tat, etc. They should have been arrested first, but they have never been! Because they're the CCP's people."

Ironically, Wong Yuk-man, Wan Chin, and Wong Yeung-tat have all publicly and vehemently condemned Hong Kong Independence.

Indeed, many Hong Kong netizens wonder whether Communist China would have left Hong Kong alone, in particular, the pan-democracy camp, even if separatism had not appeared there.

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