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Japan-Model Suzuko Hirano Deems Hong Kong Police Nazi-like. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Famous, classy Japanese model, Suzuko Hirano, clad in Kimono and wearing Japanese slippers, today (2019-9-8) joined the march from the Chartered Garden to the US Consulate General, which called upon the US Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to sanction the HK and Beijing governments for violation of human right in HK. On the way, Hirano kept shouting in HK Cantonese, "HK add oil [brace up]" and "Free HK; Revolution now." Hirano agreed that the HK Police are Nazi-like, e.g., on Sept 7 night, they indiscriminately hit unarmed teenagers' brains in Tai Po train station until they bled profusely and used pepper spray on journalists in Tung Chung.

Hirano told Chapman Chen that she loves Hongkongers for their kind heart and she thinks Hong Kong men are gentlemanly. She had intended to observe the frontline, but as it was uncertain where the frontline was today, she eventually returned to her hotel.

On the way to the US Consulate General, the later part of the procession, including Hirano and her interpreter, was blocked by the Police on Garden Road, and they could only walk down to Admiralty and then to Wan Chai and Causeway Bay.

A professional Kimono model, Hirano was educated in Tokyo. She has organized rallies there in support of HK resistance. She has said she's willing to die for HK.

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