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Is Biden Selling Burma, Hong Kong & Taiwan to China? 拜登想賣緬甸、香港、台灣俾中國?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The Myanmar army rulers have locked up Aung San Suu Kyi, deployed armored vehicles around key protest locations, blocked most of the internet in the country, and kidnapped hundreds of people at night. It's said that China has paid off the Burma military to seize power so that the oriental Red Dragon can have access to the Indian Ocean and directly threaten the security of India. Maybe because certain unspeakable videos of China Joe and his son are in the hands of Xi Jinping, Joe Biden dare not severely warn the Myanmar army rulers, at least not in the same way that President Donald Trump sternly warned Xi Jinping in 2019 against sending PLA troops to massacre Hongkongers. Consequently, the Burmese military may soon start massacring Burmese protesters, mirroring the Tiananmen Square Massacre (cf. Martin Oei's YouTube video, 16 Feb 2019).

When the world's attention is drawn to Burma and India, Xi Jinping will recklessly shut down the internet and the border of Hong Kong, and even carry out genocide in the Pearl of the East by way of lethal vaccination. Meanwhile, Communist China may suddenly attack Taiwan. If then Biden does not come to Taiwan's aid, Japan will be obliged to send troops to help Taiwan. Before Japan's aid arrives, however, Taiwan will have to look after herself. With the arms sold to Taiwan by President Trump, the Taiwanese military will be able to fend off around 30% of missile fired by the PLA. The rest may fall on residential buildings. And Taiwanese civilians will have to run like Hongkongers.

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