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Humans should Serve Animals! Argues Rev. Prof. Andrew Linzey. Ed. Dr. Chapman Chen


In his book Animal Theology, Rev. Prof. Andrew Linzey, like St. Francis, contends that human beings should act not as the master species, but as the servant species. Christ came as a humble servant and called us to love and serve one another and not to harm anyone. Linzey suggests that the Gospel call to service includes selfless service and justice not only to the poor and oppressed, but to all creation, including animals. He asserts that following Christ means casting our lot with the most oppressed, and that today, no beings are more oppressed than the animals who are treated so badly by the meat industry.  I therefore conclude that, as Christians, we should side with oppressed animals and humans of the world and go vegan.   


To explore the issue of vegan theology further, please read Animal Theology, by Rev. Andrew Linzey, God’s Covenant With Animals, by Rev. J.R. Hyland, The Lost Religion of Jesus, by Keith Akers, and Of God and Dogs, by Stephen Webb.

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