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Hong Kong Students Trained to Speak like Hua Chunying & Expected to Join Int'l Org. By Chapman Chen

In the 13rd Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest held on May 12, Hong Kong high school students militantly spoke perfect Putonghua. Their Beijing accent, tone, gestures, facial expressions all reminded one of China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying, or even Chairman Mao's wife Jiang Qing. E.g, a schoolgirl indignantly yelled, "Not a single country has fallen into a debt crisis as a result of joining the One Belt One Road!" (The fact, however, remains that due to their inability to repay debts to China, Zambia has lost to China its Kenneth Kaunda Airport and the ZESCO Power Plant; Sri Lanka has handed over its Hambantota Port to China on a 99-year lease; and Kenya is giving up its Mombasa Port to China.) Xie Feng, Commissioner of the Foreign Ministry of PRC in HKSAR, called upon the students to love the State of China and take up positions in international organizations like the UN. Critics suspect that quite a few HK kids are already thoroughly brainwashed by their pro-CCP education and may be used to infiltrate into American & other Western organizations.

Organizers of the Event

The event was organized by The Commissioner’s Office of China’s Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR, The Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government, and The Better Hong Kong Foundation. Participating students were asked in Putonghua questions about Xi Jinping Thought, One Belt One Road and China diplomacy, and they were supposed to answer in Putonghua. HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam claimed that it enhanced the young students' understanding of the nation's foreign policies.

China will Never Engage in Hegemony?

When asked about the alleged debt traps set by the Belt and Road Initiative, a schoolgirl representing Po Leung Kuk Tang Yuk Tien College replied, " A country seeking hegemony after growing strong is not our choice. For forty years, China has persisted in taking the path of peaceful development and will never engage in hegemony or expansion. China has never tried to reform the United States nor has America changed the social system of China." Her words were Xi Jinping's; her performance reminiscent of the Eight Model Operas, the only operas and ballets permitted during the Cultural Revolution.

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