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Hong Kong Police Spray Pepper into Young Protester's Wounds! 香港警察在義士傷口噴胡椒!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

On Sept 15 evening in a North Point car park, Hong Kong policemen broke a young protester's head with batons, and, after subduing him, ground his face against the ground, and then sprayed pepper into his wounds, leaving a huge pool of blood on the ground, like those after a heavy rainfall, an eye-witness told HKBNews.

On the evening, a group of suspected "Fukkien" thugs attacked protesters in North Point and got counter-attacked. The police arrested many protesters. When they were subduing one senior citizen and two young people in the car park outside Seven Seas Shopping Centre, a young man wearing a grey T-shirt with the character 岳 (ngok1), apparently with a view to making good the escape of those three compatriots, sacrificed himself by using a stick on one of the cops. The young man then ran but before long, several policemen threw him down, repeatedly hit his head with batons until it was broken. As video-recorded by NOW TV, when the man totally surrendered and stopped resisting, the police still ground his face against the rugged surface of the ground. When the subdued man was simply tying to cover his profusely bleeding cheeks with his hands, the police used pungent pepper spray at close range on his wounded face and broken head, all the while shouting, "Hands off, or else we'll use pepper spray!" & preventing reporters from filming the scene.

The man was then handcuffed and arrested.

On the Sept 15 Press Conference, Senior Superintendent KONG Wing-cheung of Police Public Relations Branch claimed that the man had put up a violent resistance and the police had used "appropriate force" to subdue hi.

NOW TV video showing the subdued young man being tortured

Cable TV video showing the young man sacrificing himself to save three other citizens.

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