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Hong Kong Legco'll Discuss HKD1-Trillion Artificial Island Proj. on Jun 21. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Hong Kong Legislative Council Finance Committee will discuss studies related to artificial islands in the Central Waters on Friday (June 21) afternoon. These artificial islands are part of the proposed East Lantau Metropolis, which, if enacted, will eventually cost at least 1 trillion HKD (USD 0.12 billion) and use up Hong Kong's fiscal reserves. According to former Observatory Chief LAM Chiu-ying, these artificial islands are likely to sink if struck by a strong typhoon, and they will certainly seriously damage the ecology of Hong Kong waters. However, no political groups have yet called upon the public to besiege Legco this coming Friday in protest of the project, although six University Students Union have warned the HK Govt that activists' actions will be escalated on June 21 if it does not unconditionally and absolutely retract the Extradition Bill by 5 pm, June 20.

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