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HKBU Student Leader Keith Fong Arrested Again! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

This evening (Sept 2), after attending one whole days' students' strike and gathering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University Students' Union Chair, Keith Fong Chung-yin went to have dinner at a Mongkok restaurant, where he was body searched by the police and arrested for theft of a student's card. According to the HKBU Students' Union, a HKBU student left behind his/her student's id card at the HKCU gathering and Fong just kept it for him/her. The owner of the card had already been notified. The HKBU Students' Union strongly condemns the HK Police's arbitrary arrest and demands them to relieve Fong at once, as well as to stop arbitrarily Hongkongers in general. The Union asserts that the police force creates white terror and helps the Communist HK regime to bully and oppress Hongkongers.

On August 6, Keith Fong was arrested by the police for possession of offensive weapons, namely, a few laser pointers he had just bought in Mongkok. During the arrest, a policeman grabbed hold of Fong's neck, after which he suffered from an acute asthma attack, and was detained in a custodial ward in a hospital for 48 hours. Subsequently he was released unconditionally.

Pic credit: Mingpao

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