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HK Judiciary's Respectability Questioned by Baggio Leung as BAR Assoc. Condemns Dec8 Arson at Courts

"How often have you heard outrageous verdicts and judgments? When the judicial system collapses, how can it expect to be respected?" former Hong Kong lawmaker Baggio Leung Chung-hang questions on his facebook, after the Hong Kong BAR Association's publication of a statement condemning yesterday's (Dec 8) arson and vandalism at the High Court and Court of Final Appeal buildings. (By Chapman Chen, HKBNews)

"Why were the Fire Department and public hospitals, which are governmental institutions like the Judiciary, never vandalized during the last six months? Have they been strongly guarded?" Baggio Leung asks. And his answer is, "It's actually because of self-restraint on the part of frontline comrades, which is based on respect of the Fire Dept and public hospitals conscientiously doing what they're supposed to do. Thus it is no surprise that people want to vandalize the courts."

In fact, Baggio Leung has no idea "how the BAR Association came into the conclusion that the Judiciary is an institution that 'administers justice, protects the rule of law as its key guardian, and upholds fundamental rights and freedom'". But he claims to be able to "quote a counterexample everyday. E.g., Why has the fireman arrested for assaulting police and possession of petrol bomb been denied bail since Nov 10, while those white-clad gangsters who attacked innocent citizens in Yuen Long on July 21 are bailed out? Do they mean to say that gangsters' chance of re-breaking the law is lower than a fireman's?"

Baggio Leung was democratically elected Legislative Council member in 2016 but was subsequently disqualified for displaying a banner reading "Hong Kong is not China" during oath-taking.

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