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God Suffers in All Suffering Creatures: My Thoughts on the National Animals Rights Day June 2 2024. Dr. Chapman Chen

"God suffers in all suffering creatures" (Linzey 1995:57), as exemplified by the Lord's becoming flesh and suffering on the cross. The distinctiveness of humankind lies in their potential to turn into the altruistic "servant species", able to co-operate with the Lord in the nursing and freeing of all badly abused animals (Linzey 1995:45, 57), just as Jesus Christ liberated innocent creatures of God from the Holy Temple prior to the Passover, which disrupted the lucrative revenue stream of the Chief Priests and scribes, who immediately afterwards plotted to have Him killed, eventually leading to His crucifixion. 

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Linzey, Andrew (1995). Animal Theology. Champaign: University of Illinois Press.

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