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God Forbids the Idea of a Cheap Creation. By Archbishop of Canterbury

"Preoccupation with humanity will seem distinctly parochial ...our theology ... has been distorted by being too man-centered. We need to maintain the value, the preciousness of the human by maintaining the value, the preciousness of the non-human also.'' These words are not mine. They come from no less a person than the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, speaking in April, 1988. He went on:

"For our concept of God forbids the idea of a cheap creation, of a throwaway universe in which everything is expendable save human existence. The whole universe is a work of love. And nothing which is made in love is cheap. The value, the worth of natural things is not found in Man's view of himself but in the goodness of God who made all things good and precious in his sight...'' As Barbara Ward used to say, "We have only one earth. Is it not worth our love?" These words may have cost our Archbishop more than we imagine. Let us congratulate him on his testimony and take heart.


Robert Runcie, ‘Address at the Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival’. 11th April, 1988, pp 13-4.

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