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Go VEGAN! You Owe it to God! By Pastor Robert Munro

After having his third stroke which left him half paralyzed and almost dumb, American Pastor Robert Munro was told by a physician that his illness was caused by the food he was eating. He promptly shifted to a whole food, plant-based diet. In just twenty six days his paralysis was gone and his speech returned. The pastor switched his diet after five decades of eating animal products and in just three to four weeks his body and health transformed. Subsequently, he founded the Humanitarian Church, New York, and started preaching the good vegan news of Jesus Christ.

In the following message, Pastor Robert Munro (2023) tells us that mainstream churches have distorted the Sixth Commandment of God -- "Thou shalt not kill" -- that in order to save our own soul, to save our own health, to save other animals, to save the world, and, above all, to honor God, we should go vegan. Pastor Munro is not selling you a thing. He doesn’t want you to join his church; he doesn’t want anything from you at all. Nothing, save you going vegan for your own good.

"My two cents….for those of you who don’t know me, I’ve had everything a man could want, all the money, all the toys, all made on my own so no one to be beholden to. I’m educated, child free so I haven’t experienced that but I am a Godfather 26 times over and took that responsibility to heart financially making sure to put away enough for each that when they turned 15 they had enough for college or start a business or throw it away whatever, it was theirs.

I have loved my companion animals I believe as much as a person loves their child so I think I’m as close to being a parent without having fathered one into the world as I could be. That being said, we live in a world of distrust and rightfully so, we’ve been lied to by the government, they tell us to eat animals which we know causes 80% of chronic illnesses and 70% of cancers. Religion has failed us because they changed "Thou shalt not kill" to "Thou shalt not murder a fellow human being" and they eat flesh so you cannot trust them.

The medical community and pharma well they are in it for the money. I’m not here selling you a thing, I don’t want you to join my church, I don’t want anything from you at all. Nothing. I’ve found people who absolutely have nothing to gain by the advice they give are people I would listen to so for what it’s worth; the elimination of animals and their secretions from your diet is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and for your loved ones. Moving to a plant based diet costs no more than what you spend right now probably even less; the health benefits are countless but in addition to that, I can attest along with countless others that the spiritual connection you seek is real and you need not read a book, sit in a pew, give money to an organization; all you have to do is stop ordering the death of others by what you chose off the menu or buy at the store.

And you will start to be free, free from illness, free from disease and free to communicate with your Deity Whomever that may be. I have clergy friends from all religions that will attest that the connection they sought was only attainable after eliminating animals from their diets as well.

Please save your soul and in doing so, you contribute to saving the world not killing it. You owe that to the world, you owe that to yourself. You owe that to your loved ones and most of all you owe it to God. It’s time to pay your debt. Go vegan before it’s too late and then tell everyone everywhere you go to do the same."

-- Reverend Robert Munro


Pic credit: Facebook, Revd. Robert Munro

Website of the vegan Humanitarian Church:

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