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Gang Rape in Hong Kong Auschwitz?新屋嶺淫姦集中營?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

"Gang rape has really occurred in San Uk Ling Detention Center!" Dr. CHAN Sze Chi陳士齊, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Religion & Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University, wrote on his Facebook on Sept 14, "20 girls are now in a certain hospital in the New Territories. Every single one of them carries 3 sexually transmitted diseases inside the body! A female minister of the church just went to see them."

Concerning whether there are female protesters who have been raped by the police at San Uk Ling, Dr. Wong Yam-hong from doctors’ group Médecins Inspirés (杏林覺醒) , in a Sept 11 interview with The StandNews, said, "Maybe they want to take a rest physically and will not make it pubic until they are ready. Even if they eventually decide never to make it public, we should respect their choice, because they are the major victims, and we have no right to make decisions in lieu of them. Of course, if there are victims who want to make it public, we will certainly testify for them."

Many netizens comment that no wonder on Sept. 9 Executive Councilor Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun, in a cunning preemptive move, bad-mouthed young female activists by claiming that they regularly offer free sex to male protesters.

The San UK Ling Detention Center is a remote, secluded, high security "concentration camp" on the HK-CN border detaining over 70 anti-extradition-law protesters arrested on Aug. 11 in Causeway Bay & TST, and on Aug. 31 in Prince Edward MTR Station, etc. 31 or more of them are teenagers under 18. Most of them have sustained severe bond fractures and confessed (cf. HKFP, HK01, Die Stimme Deutschlands). All of them are denied access to family, lawyers, lawmakers and JPs. It is also alleged that young girls are gang-raped by the police there.

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