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Fox Business Trish Regan Rebuts CTGN Liu Xin's Claim that IP Theft is Global.By ChapmanChen,HKBNews

In a May 30 debate on US-CN trade war, Fox Business anchor Trish Regan points out to CTGN host Liu Xin that China steals hundreds of billions dollars of US intellectual property on an annual basis. Liu replies that that is common practice in every part of the world and reprimands Trish for making unhelpful blanket statements. Trish retorts that there are multiple reports, ample evidence from WTO to prove that, e.g., the Motorola Case, Oreo White Case, Iowa Seed Case, Great Firewall case. Trish asks if Huawei would be willing to share with US companies their technological advances. Liu replies that China welcomes mutual operation and payment for use of IP. Trish says, "Exactly, you should PAY for the acquisition!"

Trish questions Liu how US companies could operate in China when their intellectual properties and ideas are being stolen. Liu answers that many US companies want to go to China where they are making good money. Trish admits that some US companies, for the sake of short-term profits, overlook forced tech. transfer, commenting that a China law passed in 2017 requires Chinese tech companies to work with the military and the govt. so that not only individual enterprises but also the Communist China government get access to US technologies.

At the beginning of the debate, Trish claims that she represents herself while Liu Xin is one of the CCP. Liu denies being a member of the CCP, but Trish point out that CTGN is an overseas arm of CCTV, a media directly controlled by the State of China.

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