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Female Body Broken in Two Hints Hong Kong Police Atrocity?女屍斷兩橛警察話無可疑 By Chapman Chen

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

  • Hong Kong Police claimed that a naked halved female corpse with little blood found on Sept 14 was the result of a unsuspicious suicide, but many netizens believe that it is the tip of the iceberg of police atrocity.

  • Female Body Fell & Broke in Two Spilling Little Blood

  • According to Oriental Daily, on Sept 14, at 7:26 pm, a "forty-year-old foreign woman"'s body allegedly fell from an apartment of a mansion at Cross Street, Wanchai, hit the zinc eaves of a stall opposite the mansion, broke into two halves, and lay next to the stall with little blood. Then a passer-by called the police; ambulance and police arrived at the scene; ambulance staff examined the woman and confirmed her death; police investigated, found that the deceased lived upstairs, discovered her suicide note, & concluded, "nothing suspicious"; reporter came, made inquiries, took photos and published the news at 7:38 pm. As revealed by photos taken by civilians living in the neighborhood (collected in vdo01), what lay next to the stall was the totally naked second half of the body, and there was little blood around it, while there was a lot of blood outside the iron gate to the alleged apartment of the deceased. (Oriental Daily's photos only show a policeman smiling cunningly at the scene.)

  • 6 Questionable points:

  • 1. Extremely few people, if any, in the history of Hong Kong or any other civilized cities in the world, stripped themselves naked before committing suicide by jumping to their death.

  • 2. How could everything about the incident as reported by the pro-CCP media, Oriental Daily, have occurred within 12 minutes?

  • 3. It is highly unlikely that a human body would be completely cut into halves when hit against zinc eaves; at least some bones or skin would hold the two halves together.

  • 4. It is totally against biology that a human body freshly cut into two halves would have gushed out so little blood.  

  • 5. Whence came the blood in front of the iron gate to the deceased's residence?  6. Why did Oriental Daily initially report the woman as unconscious instead of dead when only the lower half of the body was seen on the street?

  • 13 "Suicides" within 2 Days?

  • Based on photos and videos circulating on the internet, the Hong Kong police have time and again arrested young women, who did not have any protective gear, and sexually abused them on the streets. Many of the women were arrested on their way to school or back from wok.

  • Since the August 31 Prince Edward MTR Station tragedy, in which the HK Police sealed the station and indiscriminately attacked passengers therein, and since the police began to send arrested protesters to the "concentration camp" in San Uk Ling in early August, the rate of suspicious "suicide" has sharply risen. On Sept 6 alone, six people allegedly jumped to death; on Sept. 7, another seven! Many of these cases involve women and were usually reported by pro-CCP media first; and the HK Police Force invariably said that there was nothing suspicious. For example, on Sept 6, a woman allegedly jumped to death from high up a private housing estate in Kwai Chung, killing another woman on her way down. 

  • Invalid Tying his own Hands & 4 Bricks to his own Body?

  • Many Hongkongers suspect that the police and the media have colluded with each other to invent "suicides", in order to deter Hongkongers from taking part in protests as well as to cover up their murders of protesters. For example, on Sept 7, an 81-year-old man's body was discovered on the sea opposite North Point Pier. The hands were tied at the back and a bag containing four bricks was attached to the body. According to the deceased's family, he was a wheel-chair-bound invalid. How could have such a senile man committed suicide in such a difficult way? But the police said that there was nothing suspicious.

  • Also, on Sept 16, on the sea opposite the harbor front park of Tseung Kwan O, the skeleton of a woman who had gone missing since Sept 6 was discovered. Again, the cops said there was nothing suspicious. 

  • Web link:

Initially Oriental Daily reported that the woman was only unconscious but subsequently deleted the line.

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