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Exclusive: American Shot by Hong Kong Police in Jun 12 Anti-Extradition-Law Protest. By Chapman Chen

In the June 12 Hong Kong protest against the Extradition Law, an unarmed American passer-by was shot in the inner thigh by the Hong Kong police around 5 pm near the Legislative Council, as revealed by the victim to the reporter of Hong Kong Bilingual News in an exclusive interview. Such police brutality may cause expatriates to leave HK with their monies. That day, in protest of the unpopular Bill, tens of thousands of demonstrators blocked the street and surrounded the Legislative Council and government headquarters. The police then rampantly shot them, including unarmed civilians, press, and even foreigners, with tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and bean bag shots. Around 5 pm, on the overpass in front of the Legislative Council, an unarmed man was shot in the eye with tear gas by the Special Tactical Squad on the street below. An unarmed American passer-by was then helping a group of people flush this victim's eye with a bottle of water.

Sounded like a war zone

“It sounded like a war zone. The riot police shot rounds into the crowd. I witnessed injuries, tear gas, and Orwellian police tactics. I started yelling as they kept tear gassing us. Everyone was yelling at them.” They responded by shooting him with a rubber bullet, as shown in video 1. “All dictators have come from the left in history. And it is clear the police and the one-party state would do anything to suppress the opinions of the Hong Kong people who never consented to the handover. We are witnessing the collapse of Hong Kong. Because if people cannot vote with a ballot, they will vote with their dollars and their feet. They lied and this is typical Hegelian dialectic.”

Hit in left inner thigh

The American got hit in his left inner thigh. Thanks to the mobile phone in his left trouser-pocket, he was not seriously injured apart from a circular bruise 5 inches in diameter. The phone was instantly smashed, leaving a rubber bullet impression of a screw of it on the surface of the trousers as shown in the photo.

Expatriates leaving Hong Kong with their monies

As a result of Hong Kong Police brutality, expatriates like the victim above will be leaving Hong Kong with their monies, investments, and companies, even though the Extradition Bill is now provisionally postponed, after 2 million protesting Hongkongers hit the streets on June 16, and when the US is considering passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to sanction Hong Kong Government officials for violation of human rights.

Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports

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