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Did Pro-HongKong-Activists British Couple in Underwear Leap to Death in HK or were they Murdered?

On Jan 15, a British couple in their underwear allegedly leapt to their death from a TST hotel room in Hong Kong, and the police, as usual, declared "nothing suspicious". Yet Britons, esp. mature ones, seldom commit suicide by jumping from height, let alone in underwear, for they hold dignity/honor/face very dear. (By Chapman Chen, HKBNews)

On Jan 15 morning, a 67-yr-old Western man, Robert, and his 61-yr-old wife, Ms Leung, were found fallen from height & dead at an open air cafe on the 4th floor of Hotel K11 Artu in Tsim Sha Tsui. They recently arrived in Hong Kong using British passports. They're also HK ID card holders. The police "found" their bilingual suicide notes stating that they supported Hongkongers in their anti-extradition law protests and were distressed by the recent social developments in HK. "See you under the Pot [protest zone in front of the HK Legislative Council]!" allegedly appeared in the suicide notes.

From 12 June 2019 (the beginning of the Anti-Extradition Law Revolution) thru 1 Nov. 2019, 282 died of suicide by jumping from height in HK, and 18 died of suicide by drowning (Benny Yeong 2020). Almost invariably, the police announced, "nothing suspicious". Many Hong Kong netizens, however, are convinced that these deaths are in fact homicides for getting rid of dissidents.

Pic: From public domain

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