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Despite USA warning to Cancel HK Policy Act,China may Enact HK Extradition Law & Die.By Chapman Chen

Despite CECC and EU's serious warnings, the Hong Kong Government, a puppet of Beijing, will probably pass the Extradition Bill -- by which rich entrepreneurs of any nationality, Westerners, and dissidents in HK can be transferred to China -- eventually leading to the downfall of China, as President Xi seems to be possessed by Chairman Mao.

On May 23, Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC) sent a letter jointed signed by 8 US Congress members and senators to HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam, warning that "the US Hong Kong policy act of 1992...commits United States to...treating Hong Kong as a special Customs territory from the rest of China, so long as Hong Kong remains sufficiently autonomous. We believe the proposed legislation will irreparably damage Hong Kong's cherished autonomy." It implies that the US will cancel the Hong Kong Policy Act if the extradition bill is ever passed.

Meanwhile, all the 28 members of the European Union issued a formal diplomatic “demarche” protest note to Carrie Lam against the Extradition Bill. But Chairman Xi Jinping, possibly possessed by Chairman Mao's ghost, simply ignores Western powers' warnings and sanctions -- like the 25% tariffs imposed by President Trump on China goods, Google's blocking of Huawei, and many countries' companies moving their production lines out of China -- and goes on pig-headedly with his hegemonic, infiltrating, colonial and aggressive policies towards civilized countries and towards Hong Kong. Carrie Lam is apparently just a yes-woman to Xi. Even if five hundred thousand Hongkongers take to the streets on June 9, and protests against the Extradition Bill as in 2003, Carrie Lam will probably still turn a deaf ear to them.

Consequently, America will almost certainly cancel the 1992 Hong Kong Policy Act, and the West will no longer treat Hong Kong differently than China. Losing Hong Kong as its backdoor and emergency exit, China is bound to perish, because China needs Hong Kong as a medium for stealing US intellectual property and high tech, for exchanging its rampantly printed RMB for USD, for money laundering and for infiltrating the West. And when that happens, Hong Kong is destined to rise again from the ashes as Pearl of the East.

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