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China to Attack Taiwan in October (中國十月攻台)? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Five most recent pieces of news all point to China attacking Taiwan this month, including the PLA's coming Jiangzhou drill, China's increasingly overwhelming propaganda against Taiwan, Xi Jinping's inspection of Shantau next week, the Fifth Plenary Session of the CCP this month, and Taiwan's plan to replace China in the global supply chain. If China's propaganda on unifying Taiwan by force drastically steps up in the next few days, then the PLA is very likely to invade Taiwan this month. Once the war breaks out, China will probably massacre residents of Hong Kong to vent its temper, as it will not be able to conquer Taiwan.

Firstly, from Oct 13 through Oct 17, The People's Liberation Army will conduct a live-bullet military drill to the east of Gu-re Peninsula, Jiangzhou, Fujian -- which is very close to Taiwan -- according to a notice issued by the Fujian authorities, warning all people and fishing boats to stay away from the marine territory concerned starting from October 12. (1)

Secondly, a recent notice issued on Weibo by the Northwest University and other unnamed organizations asks all their staff and students to pay close attention to videos and reports published by state media like CCTV and People's Daily in relation to Taiwan spies. (2). Even the pro-Democratic Party US media, New York Times, thinks that China's recent overwhelming propaganda against Taiwan is shocking and ominous (3).

Thirdly, on either Oct 12 or 13, Chairman Xi Jinping will inspect Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Shantau. Drones will strictly be forbidden in these districts. (4) So Xi Jinping may be minded to observe from Shantau how the Gu-re military drill against Taiwan goes.

Fourthly, The Fifth Plenary Session of the CCP will be held from Oct 26 through Oct 29, during which Xi Jiping may try to gain consensus of the party concerning the attack on Taiwan.

Fifthly, President Tsai Ing-wen's October-10-National-Day speech stresses that Taiwan will help the United States to rebuild the global supply chain (5). Although China is not mentioned at all therein, the implication or the hidden agenda is that Taiwan is going to take the place of China in the global supply chain. This will devastate China's economy as it primarily depends on assembly and export of parts. Xi Jinping may thus make the risky move of invading Taiwan, in order to salvage the deteriorating economy of China and to maintain his personal position in China, just as Isoroku Yamamoto contrived the 1941 surprise air attack on U.S. naval forces at Pearl Harbor in reaction to America's embargo on oil and gasoline exports to Japan.

If China's propaganda on military unification of Taiwan intensifies in the next few days, then the PLA is very likely to attack Taiwan this month. Once the war breaks out, Japan and the US will intervene. As China will not be able to kill American soldiers, it will almost certainly launch a genocide against residents in Hong Kong, whom the CCP regards as running dogs of the UK and the US, in order to vent its anger and frustration. Don't forget, Hitler dragged 6 million Jews to hell with him before his demise.

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Reference: Martin Oei (11 Oct 2020)






Pic credit: © RITCHIE B TONGO/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock

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