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China State Council Blames the West for Messing w/ Hong Kong "Violent" Anti-Extradition Law Protests

At a rare press conference held today by Beijing's State Council Information Office in Hong Kong, when asked by the State-controlled media Taikungpao about the possibility of Western interference in Hong Kong anti-Extradition Law protests, spokesman Yang Guang alleges that certain Westerners have made irresponsible criticisms about the HK Police and played a role not so honorable in such protests, esp. violent crimes therein. Yang stresses that Hong Kong is China's, that Western powers' carping remarks about Hong Kong affairs have the insidious intent of curbing China's development. Yang also reiterates the Central Government's full support for the HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam (despite rumors that the conference will announce this unpopular HK leader's resignation). (Chapman Chen, HKBNew, reports)

Spokesman Dismisses HK Police-Thugs Collusion on 7-21

When asked whether an independent committee will be set up to investigate possible collusion between the HK Police and Yuen Long gangsters in white who indiscriminately assaulted civilians at the Yuen Long Train Station on July 21, Yang stresses that the most important task for Hong Kong now is to severely punish violent protesters for they sabotage the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, endanger Hong Kong people's lives, and step beyond the bottom line of one country, two systems. Yang dismissed the suggestion of Police-thugs collusion as groundless rumor. And he accuses Westerners' logic of being ridiculous on the ground that they denounce the HK Police in their execution of duties while empathizing with violent criminal-protesters.

Carrie Lam will NOT Step Down

Yang and another spokesperson assert that the Central Government unwaveringly supports HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam in her administration (despite her unpopularity with most Hongkongers), and empathizes with the Hong Kong Police in their efforts to maintain public order in Hong Kong (despite numerous videos showing their gross brutality in recent protests). When asked by a CNN reporter whether the People's Liberation Army will be deployed to intervene in Hong Kong protests, Yang would not say anything apart from referring him to the Basic Law.

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