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Apostlemedia: Mid-Autumn Night as a Night of Killing 中秋夜,殺人夜!

Apostlesmedia (Trans. Chapman Chen, HKBNews): The Mid-Autumn Night of the Uprising against the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty in the 14th Century was a night of killing as well as a night of bloodshed. There is a time to kill the enemy and a time to sacrifice oneself. Sometimes to kill an enemy is for the sake of saving one's compatriots and oneself. To kill an enemy with atrocious tactics is for the sake of making the other enemies fear and retreat. The revolutionaries were not murderous mobsters; with fear and deathly awakening, they slashed their enemies again and again until they stopped breathing. This was necessary evil. Just like Moses, Joshua, and the Judges, they had to drain all the blood of the enemies in order to wash clean the mistakes of their own incompetent ancestors.

Source & Pic: Apostlemedia

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