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Animal Christian Concern Prayer. By Mary Tripp. Ed. Dr. Chapman Chen

Updated: Jun 19

Dear All,

We are thrilled to announce that today, our FB group 'Vegan Theology' has surpassed the milestone of 2,000 members. To thank you for your active and constructive participation and to commemorate this joyful occasion, let us present you with a touching and poetic prayer written by May Tripp (? – 2018), who founded Animal Christian Concern in Leeds in 1985.


O God, whose name is Love, you created this world and all that is in it. We ask you to look with compassion and mercy upon us all.


Look upon the companion animals, O God, which share our homes and our lives, and which show us a love and loyalty few men can surpass. Bless them for the pleasure and companionship they give, and protect all those who suffer neglect and cruelty.


Look, especially, O God, upon all those creatures which suffer at the hands of man in laboratories, intensive farms, abattoirs, traps, sport and entertainment. Be with them in their fear, pain and suffering, and hold them in your loving hands.


Look upon man, O God, your supreme creation, with love and mercy. Forgive us our selfishness and our cruelty and lead us gently back into your way of love. Transform our hearts until they truly reflect the way shown to us by your beloved son, Jesus Christ, whose love was perfect and who loved to the end that He gave his own life for us.


Forgive us our bitterness against those who abuse your creation, for Christ taught us to forgive, even as he forgave. Yet change the hearts of all who use animals with cruelty so that they may be filled with your love and mercy. Inspire all governments, and those in authority, to change the directions of medical research and food production, and to bring an end by law to all animal abuse.


Guide us, O God, by your Holy Spirit into his transforming way of truth and love, and nurture in us a Christ-like spirit of compassion which is boundless and perfect.

O God, we await the coming of your Kingdom, in our hearts and in your world. Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.



Jones, Phillip (Ed.) (2022). The Animals' Padre: The Life and Works of James Thompson. London: Paragon Publishing. p. 207.


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