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About Christian Vegetarians and Vegans UK (CVVUK)


CVVUK supporters are encouraged to promote the benefits of a vegetarian/vegan diet within the church and in their dealings with other Christians. A vegetarian/vegan diet dramatically reduces cruelty and violence towards God's creatures but also reduces the disastrous effects a carnivorous diet is having on the environment. A vegetarian/vegan diet will also release food for the hungry (reducing the threat of future conflicts) and improve the health of our bodies, the temple of the Holy Spirit. With such high Christian ideals it should be easy but as we all know, flesh eating is still a contentious issue within the Church and the world generally. We all become very frustrated when leaflets we place on the church table or notice board, mysteriously get covered up or removed, even when we have permission from the vicar to place them there.


CVVUK believe that there are two basic truths that the Church must honestly address:

a) That God's love is indivisible and embraces all of His creation.

b) That Christians should therefore reflect God's image of love, compassion and mercy to all sentient creatures.

Many Church resolutions, proclamations and publications already proclaim the above. CVVUK believe that the best way forward will be to implement existing Church theology to authenticate our message. A message that proclaims that meat production is not only violent and cruel to God's other creatures but also unhealthy for humankind and the planet.

Our personal approach.

As Vegans and Vegetarians we should not have to justify a cruelty-free, non-violent lifestyle to the followers of the 'Prince of Peace'. However, many Christians will try to negate our arguments and sweep away our humanitarian and compassionate considerations by quoting isolated passages from the Bible which appear to favour a meat-eating diet. CVVUK believe this was not God's intention, and that we are evolving, and through science and, we trust, higher moral values, we are all becoming far more sensitive to the suffering of humans, irrespective of race or creed, and the plight of animals, especially in factory farms where we inflict a cruel life and a cruel and violent death on billions of God's creatures each year.

We should, however, avoid being confrontational; confrontation will only close minds. Our purpose should be to respectfully inform Christians of the advantages of a vegetarian/vegan diet, and then allow the Holy Spirit to use the seeds that we have sown, according to His will. When we are challenged by people quoting isolated passages from the Bible, our response should be based on the faith of Christ; whose Father was a God of love, compassion, justice and mercy. As Pope John Paul once stated ‘Any interpretation of the Bible that contradicts a rational understanding of God's goodness and mercy is incorrect’.


On return of your supporters form you will receive the CVVUK newsletter - normally electronically (which aims to come out a few times a year) and be notified of meetings and special events.

There is no fee. Donations to help cover costs, especially of posted material, will be gratefully received.

Both active and non-active supporters are important to us, the greater our number, the greater our influence in the local church and community. We need to raise awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet, a diet God gave humankind and all other creatures in his perfect world; the garden of Eden (Genesis 1 :29 & 30) and his future Peaceable Kingdom (Isaiah 11 :6 to 9).

AIA member organisation, the Christian Vegetarian Association UK have changed their name to Christian Vegetarians and Vegans UK to reflect the growing number of their supporters who have become Vegan. They welcome and encourage all who want to refrain from a carnivorous diet in accordance with their Christian principles, while acknowledging that the diet given in the first chapter of our Holy Scripture is Vegan.

Along with the new name they have a new website –

with information about them, contact details, and from where you can download their latest magazine and new leaflet: FAITH AND DIET: CHRISTIANITY AND VEGETARIANISM/VEGANISM. They can also supply paper copies for distribution. No charge but donations to help cover the postage are welcome.

CVVUK Newsletter, Spring 2023:


CVAUK cannot imagine a God of love approving humanity's massive abuse of God's creatures. As the future of humanity becomes increasingly precarious, will God grant mercy to those who have shown no mercy towards his animals and indifference towards the destruction of his creation? The Bible relates that God promised never to flood the earth again, but the Bible does not contain a promise that God will spare humanity from the consequences of it's own actions.

Churches, Governments and Environmental Organisations throughout the world have favoured lifestyle adjustments, such as driving smaller cars, reducing your energy and recycling. But rarely do we hear our church, government or ecology group calling for a move towards a plant-based diet. This strategy may be politically wise, in that it does not "scare away" meat eating: Christians from the church; supporters from the government; or activists from the ecology group. However, failure to encourage a plant-based diet profoundly undermines the credibility of these institutions.

The church can no longer ignore St Paul who wrote: "Everything is permissible" - but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible – but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others (1Cor 10 v 23). Surely, in a world of limited resources, it is neither permissible, constructive or ethical to encourage an unsustainable, unnecessary, inefficient and uncompassionate meat based diet, that only the rich can afford. CVAUK's ministry is to ensure that the church is made fully aware of the moral implications of ignoring God's perfect, violence-free, plant based diet (Gen.1 v 29, 30). Where is the glory to God in cruelly mass-producing and killing sentient animals, risking our health, making poor people starve and damaging the planet?

Mission of CVAUK

  • Support and encourage Christian Vegetarians in the UK

  • Share with non-vegetarian Christians how a vegetarian diet can add meaning to their faith

  • Show all those with ears to hear that a plant-based way of life represents good, responsible Christian stewardship for all God's Creation

Steering Committee

  • Fr John Ryder, Anglican Priest, Godshill, Isle of Wight, UK - CVAUK Spokesperson

  • Drs Miriam and Philip Sampson, Editors

  • Don Gwillim, member of the Church of England, Liphook, UK - Co-Founder and Administrator of CVAUK


  • Deborah Jones PhD - Editor of The Ark, Catholic Concern for Animals

  • Samantha Chandler, Communications Secretary of 'The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals'

  • Fr Derek Reeve, Catholic Priest (Retired), Portsmouth UK

  • Antony Neesham - Founder of Veg4Lent

Associated Websites

  • A Vegetarian Diet for Lent (Veg4Lent)


  • Christian Vegetarian Association (USA)

  • Order of the Golden Age (OGA)

NB: Christian Vegetarian Association (UK) adherence, promotion, activity, planning, funding and materials were already underway before the official announcement of the CVAUK in September 2004.

Contact Information

Brenda Ryder (44) 01983 300421

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