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A New Youth Movement of Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News

The June 26 evening Central gathering marks the beginning of a New Youth Movement of Hong Kong, the mode of which is unprecedented, the energy of which exceeds that of the Anti-Extradition-Law movement, and the young participants of which have a strong bondage with each other. It reminds people of the 1919 May Fourth Movement. It inherits the 2014 Umbrella Revolution's demand for universal suffrage with slogans like "Free Hong Kong, Democracy NOW.".

And it shows that Hong Kong, embracing universal values like freedom and love, belongs to the international community, not China, or at least not just China. At Edinburgh Place last night, volunteers read aloud their declaration in various languages, appealing to all civilized countries to help Hong Kong, and speak out for Hong Kong at the G20 Summit on June 28 and 29. (cf. CUHK Govt. & Public Admin. Prof. Chow Po Chung, Standnews 2019-6-27).

Pic credit: Reuters

曾焯文總結周保松教授昨晚的觀察:六二六中環集會乃係:一,香港新青年運動,模式前所未有,參與者有強力bondage,能量超出反送中。二,延續雨革,要求真普選。口號為Free HK, Democracy NOW。三,香港認同普世價值,屬於世界,而不屬中國,或至少不獨屬於中國。大會義工用多國語言讀出宣言,要求各國在G二十為香港仗義執言。

Pic credit: Reuters

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