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A Green Time Person who Never Criticizes China. By Chapman Chen

Swedish green teen activist Greta Thunberg who never even mentions China as the country which tops the world in almost all kinds of pollution is named Time Person of the Year 2019. In fact, China emits more carbon dioxide than the USA and EU combined (Robert Rapier 2018). China tops the world in almost all types of air pollution, including sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, as well as carbon emissions, top CCP officials admitted in 2016. China is the country polluting the Ocean the most in terms of plastic waste and other garbage, according to Jenna Jambecks 2015 research. China's urban water is largely undrinkable based on Greenpeace East Asia's 2017 water quality report. A 2014 govt survey showed one fifth of China's farmland was badly contaminated. Land sales in major Chinese cities are thwarting the restoration of polluted soils, according to a study co-published in 2019 by Nanjing University and environmental group Greenpeace East Asia.

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