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A Gist of Hong Kong Police Brutality in HK Time Revolution 時代革命,香港警察暴行撮要. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Pic credit: Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The Hong Kong Police have been brutalizing in a Nazi-like manner HK civilians, protesters and non-protesters alike, since the anti-Extradition Law Movement/Hong Kong Time Revolution began in early June this year. (As put by Sen. Marco Rubio & Nancy Pelosi, what Hongkongers really want & deserve is real autonomy.) Over 2000 tear gas have been shot, 1200 arrested, nearly 200 prosecuted, hundreds of bean bag shots, rubber bullets, even a few real dumdum bullets fired. Civilians are shot indiscriminately in their head, and batted in their neck. There is even a concentration camp. And there was a me-too rally against sexual abuse by the police. Apparently, the HK Police have grossly violated human rights. Here are some typical examples:-


On Sept 8, numerous Hongkongers waved the American flag in a march to the US Consulate General requesting the US Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to sanction the HK and Beijing govts. for gross violation of human rights in HK.




On the early morning of Sept 9, a group of Putonghua speaking police officers at the exit of a metro station threw a bag of tear gas grenades at journalists outside.


On Sept 7, during a peaceful protest in Tai Po Train Station, a 15-year-old teenager was hit by 10 HK cops in the rear brain until he bred profusely; many other passengers were also assaulted by the cops.



On Sept 2, an unarmed young girl in a Mongkok protest was subdued by a number of police officers, handcuffed, and then her hand was trampled on by a policeman.



On August 11, amidst a protest outside the Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station, a paramedic girl's right eye was burst by the police with bean bag shots.

Source: Vivian Tam & Socrec


On August 5, during a protest in Tin Shui Wai, HK policemen, when forcefully carrying away a young female protester, pulled off her underwear and had her private part exposed to the public.





On Aug. 31, over 50 protesters arrested in Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay were sent to a concentration camp in San Uk Ling on the HK-CN border. Subsequently, over 30 of them were sent to hospital, where a nurse later told NOW TV that the bones 6 of at least of them were seriously cracked, that the lower arm of some was literally detached from the upper arm, the two connected by the skin ONLY.



On Aug. 31 night, the HK police indiscriminately attacked passengers (protesters and non-protesters alike) in Prince Edward Metro Station with bean bag shots, rubber bullets, tear gas and batons. Hong Kong Bilingual News compares the attack to Kristallnacht. At least 6 people are now suspected by the HK public to have been killed, tho' denied by the police. On Sept 6, within 24 hours, 9 people mysteriously jumped to their death.


On July 21, thugs clad in white attacked innocent civilians within and without Yuen Long Train Station indiscriminately with rods and sticks, while the HK police looked on. RTHK, a HK Govt. media, has video-recorded the armed thugs and the police patting each other's shoulders at the scene in a very friendly manner.



On July 14 evening, HK police sealed up a shopping mall in Shatin and indiscriminately attacked people inside, including not only protesters, but also consumers and residents there.


During an anti-extradition law protest in Admiralty on June 12, 2019, HK cops shot at protesters and even Western press with bean bag shots, rubber bullets, and tear gas. A 60-year-old unarmed protesters, cancer stage III patient, was shot in the belly by Putonghua-speaking police with bean bag shots and then violently kicked after he verbally accused the police of brutality.


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