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4 Facts abt JPMorgan China Staff being Punched by Hong Kong "Protester"摩根中共職員中環挨打真相. By Chapman Chen

A Putonghua-speaking JPMorgan employee from Communist China was punched by a masked man outside the company’s main Hong Kong offices in Central on Oct 4 afternoon, during a protest against the Anti-Mask Law passed on the same day. Quite a few Western media and pro-CCP media then blamed Hong Kong activists for becoming increasingly violent. But here are some facts, e.g., the man took close-up photos of protesters; only 1 protester punched the man and police often disguise as protesters; JPMorgan has ordered staff to refer to HK as Hong Kong SAR; according to China intelligence law, all China citizens are potentially spies; FBI confirms that China has been infiltrating every domain of America by non-traditional espionage.

1. The JP Morgan employee provoked people first by taking close-up pictures of people protesting the Anti-Mask Law in Central (according to OrangeNews), and demanding in Putonghua a journalist to produce his press id card. When the crowd started chanting to him, "Go back to Mainland," the man further provoked them by shouting back in Putonghua, "We are all China men!", after which he was hit.

2. Only ONE protester punched the man. And many recent news reports have confirmed that Hong Kong police officers often disguise themselves as protesters to create troubles and frame up protesters.

3. On Sept 11, Bloomberg disclosed that Stuart Marston, supervisory analyst global manager of JPMorgan, ordered in an email some staff to refer to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan, China.

4. The JP Morgan employee is a Communist China citizen, according to SCMP. Article 7 of China's National Intelligence Law, which came into effect in July 2017, stipulates that every China citizen has the obligation to support the State's intelligence work. That means every China citizen is potentially a secret agent for the CCP. FBI Director Christopher Wray on July 23 said China poses more of an espionage threat against the United State than any other country, including Russia, and that the agency has more than a thousand ongoing investigations into intellectual property theft linked to Beijing. “There are a slew of what we call nontraditional collectors. Businessmen, scientists, high-level academics, graduate students. People who are not intelligence officers by profession but who are, for a variety of reasons, working on behalf of the Chinese government.”

(Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports)

Pic credit: CNA

The man taking close up pictures of protesters:

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